1by-day.com – A foot stool to fight over! Angela 2008 Kitchen

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Hi Guys, I am so happy that your back, I just moved into this brand new flat and I’ve been only dieing to she off it. I know it is not normal but all of us have little things we do and mine is, when I receive a new place I have to masturbate in every single room. The last time I’d my sitting room and my bedroom I normally save for last. So now I will do my kitchen has always been among my favorite rooms to do. I left my window open all day and I understand when I get on the counter its going to be cold as icehockey, sending chills throughout my entire body and creating my nipples as hard as rocks. I walked in my kitchen and stood by the counter and began caressing my tight hot body around then I leaned against the counter and then bent upwards, sticking my ass out and started rubbing my legs down and up. I stood up and started playing with my tits and caressing my legs I then turned around and continued rubbing my entire body from top to bottom. I sat my horny ass on the counter and started playing with my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. I have always had a guess for enjoying along with my tits, their soft and that they make me warm. I reached down and slipped my hands between my legs and began rubbing my keen twat, I could feel its warmth before I touched . I awakened I then turned around and began rubbing my thighs and buttocks, then I teasingly rubbed my self warmed pussy, stroking myself down and up. I pulled down my top and gave my tits a rubbing I then toyed with my nipples giving them some much needed love. I leaned over on the counter and started playing with my ass, squeezing it and rubbing it around then I moved over and grabbed the chair and place it at the middle of the ground I then put my foot on the chair using it like a top foot feces. Together with my leg up and high I began caressing and massaging my leg and buttocks I then got onto my knees in the chair and leaned my sexy ass back on the counter and rubbed my body out of my tits to my twat. I sat back up on the counter and began caressing my body around then I pulled my shirt just past my breasts and started squeezing and massaging them and playing with my nipples. I got back to my feet and gave my body a nod out of head to toe right back up on the counter I’ve moved, playing with my tits, rubbing and squeezing them tight. I leaned over onto my side and started rubbing my thighs and buttocks, and then I started massaging my pussy back and forth, so I could feel the wetness from deep inside. I sat upright and continued playing with my pussy rubbing my joyful grab up and down then I pulled my panties up tight into my cunt, teasing my swelling clit. I pulled my underwear completely on the side and began rubbing my pussy up and down then round and round. I reached up and began playing with my boobs, massaging them and my stiffened nipples I then licked my hands getting it all wet and then rubbed my pussy in the floor straight up. My beaver was horny and eager so I rubbed her right up and spread her open wide. I got back up on my feet and gave me my body a rubbing from top to bottom turning and turning my panties down, clearing my pussy from any obstacles. I got back up on the counter and laid back and put my feet up I then rubbed and played with my pussy and then I performed my breast. Back and forth I went playing with my grab and my titsI raised my leg and rubbed it up and down before resuming play with my puss. I felt my pussy tight straight up and that I understood the large O wasn’t far behind so I wholeheartedly rubbed my clit hard and fast perhaps maybe not wanting to leave anything to chance. I reached up and rubbed my tits and I then spread my happy pussy open wide, rubbing and caressing my body all over and teasing my nipples right at the very finish.

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