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W⁄we have reached back to the archives and found one of the very first videos W&frasl. It was listed not for the intended purpose of being generated of a journal for O⁄our ability to take a look back . This is more of a”fly on the wall” perspective of one of O⁄our disciplinarian scenes and showcases a rather raw picture quality. What it might lack in film quality it makes up for in a genuine and real life display of His servant and a Master. Servant abigail had racked up 20 points with approaches that called for adjustments onto her infration plank. Master James had been having his slave grow out her hair for part of the punishment and she was definitely feeling… not herself. This paddle is no joke although the swings from the paddle might seem as they are lacking in gusto. Servant abigail calls this one”The Earth Mover”. Bound from head to toe in leather , she is tethered to a point that is high, with a string , to the wall. A chain joins Master James and her two shoulder cuffs moves nude because he frequently is in everyday life. He administers ten of the twenty five paddlings before placing a hood on her head and continuing with all the other ten. But he is not done there. The Dragon's Tongue whip is drawn out and a clothing pin zipper is placed on slave abigail'backagain. He then proceeds to utilize The Dragon's Tongue to liquefy them off of her by one.

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