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Leggy brunette Ren Smolder is dressed in her very best business clothes. Today is her big day. The multi-millon dollar IT security system that she built will finally be commissioned at the corporate offices. Ren is on her phone telling how excited she is. Her big day has finally arrived after years of work. She developed the most secure IT system to protect client data. To get into the system, a hacker would no only need to enter through the internet, but they would need her fingerprints, her ID badge and also a code word. As she is getting ready for the meeting, she tries on several pair of high heel stilettos and decides of the sexy leopard pumps. Ren gets another phone call telling her the company has arranged for a limo to take her to the meeting. I come in dressed like a limo driver and when oblivious Ren turns her back to retrieve her purse I quickly plunge a syringe into her neck and she slowly falls to the floor. I rumble through her bag and find her ID. Then I whip out a fingerprint kid and take her prints. I call my boss and tell him I have the ID card and Ren´s fingerprints and that we will need to get the code word from her and we make a plan. Poor Ren wakes at the industrial building bound to a chair. I watch as she struggles and moans. After a while I remove the gag and demand that Ren tell me the code word. The stubborn woman refuses so I grab and pinch her nipples and pull up her skirt to squeeze her crotch hard. I smack the bitch around, but she remains determined not to give up the code word. I whip out a thin leather cord and taunt her with the cord rubbing it against her throat. Ren screams in terror and as I squeeze it tightly. Finally she frantically shakes her head yes!! She blurts out the code word and I laugh leaving her traumitized.

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