– Masters & Slaves 2: When the.. Jason Branch & Steve Ross & Jay Ross 2018 Master

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Matt in his office desk, dressed in shorts, T-shirt and shorts. Jeff in company apparel comes in and using a few snaps of the palms Matt has Jeff kissing his sneakers. Then he gives Jeff instructions for if he and Rick are away. The aim: to attract the new boy, Billy. Matt ties Jeff´s palms and gets him suck his penis and keep doing it unseen by Billy when he predicts Billy to his workplace. Later that afternoon: Jeff in his own office in business clothes edges himself to the concept of restraining Billy. He asks to stay late, when everybody has leftuses a pretext for Billy at which he starts fondling Billy´s ass, which Billy thankfully lets him perform. Jeff unlocks Billy&intense;s trousers and pulls out Billy&severe;s reassuringly tough dick, provides Billy his hands to suck while Billy is sucking, orders the boy to undress, pushes him into his knees, and, with lost his own pants, has him nuzzle and sniff his crotch and then his asshole,”just like a dog.” He puts Billy on his back onto the desk and also Billy´s head hanging over the border feeds him his cock before making Billy turn over, whereupon he uses both their neckties to bind Billy´s wrists and ankles along with his very own belt to attach wrists and ankles in a hogtie. During this Billy is letting Jeff understand, both by words and actions, which Jeff can do anything to himhe&extreme;ll gladly be acute, Jeff &;severe, Jeff & s slave . Jeff tells Billy to make himself available for the weekend. The weekend: Billy is pushed to the dungeon in which Gabriel, collared, naked and plug-gagged, is tied to the Murphy Bed’s standing frame. Jeff wears a harness, leather shorts, boots. Billy wears jeans a T-shirt and sneakers. Jeff barks orders in Billy and maintains count of severe & Billy; s performance on a whiteboard. When Billy is naked except for kneepads, socks and shoes, Jeff guards a collar round his throat, locks bondage mitts on his hands, removes the clothespin heor even extreme;d wear Billy&severe;s tongue for talking without consent, and starts Billy&severe;s puppy coaching, instructing him to walk on a leash, fetch, roll over, beg, play dead. He walks Billy around to bound Gabriel whom he describes his lover and Billy&intense;s additional Master, also orders the puppy to kiss Gabriel´s toes and lick up his thighs to his cock, which he is then permitted to suck. Jeff looks on, jerking on his penis. Jeff has Billy lick at off his boots, then skullfucks the boy prior to getting him bend over for a paddling to get its punishment points he scored. After the boy&intense butt is bright red, Jeff gives him a dog bone. “Chew that,” he says. A week Gabriel and Jeff are eating breakfast when Matt and Rick return from holiday, and Billy is eating from a bowl to the floor. After being asked why they are eating at the dining table without permission, the scene cuts to the dungeon, where Billy is caged and barking, along with Jeff and Gabriel are tied in a standing position, getting flogged by their Masters. Billy´s barking and whining captures on Rick&severe;s nerves, although Billy is Jeff&severe;s dog, so Jeff has to describe the boy who while the boy goes to him and Gabriel, he and Gabriel belong to Rick and Matt, or so the boy belongs to them too, and when he wishes to become a part of the household that´s how it is going to be. Billy stops barking and the flogging persists.

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