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District Attorney Vicky Vixxx arrives to question me about a car accident. She tells me she is doing a full on investigation since there seems to be pieces that don´t fit together as I reported it. The leggy blonde DA accuses me of causing the accident on purpose to distract attention from a bank robbery that occurred at the same time right across the street. She threatens to bring me into the police station and I´ve had enough of her snooping into the robbery. Of course I staged a car accident so my crew could rob the bank! I pull out my weapon and point it in her gut. Hands up blondie! The snooty DA is suddenly compliant and willing to negotiate with me, but it is too late for that. I grab some rope and quickly tie her arms together behind her back slamming her elbows painfully together and cinching it up nice and tightly. Poor Vicky screams out in pain and I laugh. I unbutton her sating blouse and grope her bare tits. I put Vicky in a choke hold and she gasps and chokes for breath. I XXXX her down onto the ground and add a crotch rope giving the DA a humiliating puffy pussy camel toe. I embarrass her by lifting up her tight skirt and exposing her ass cheeks. Vicky begs and pleads for mercy but I continue tying her up. Her big mouth gets on my nerve so I peel down my satin panties and shove them into her big mouth sealing them in with elastic bandage. Vicky tries her hardest to keep talking, but she´s been reduced to grunts and groans. The bitchy DA is now completely helpless and she struggles in the bondage rolling around on the floor. I hogtie her and let her know that we will be taking her car and chopping it tonight. She cries out in terror when I inform the bound beauty that my guys who robbed the bank will arrive shortly to have their fun with her before she´s taken away and dumped in the landfill.

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