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My livingroom is a whole mess with my new sneakers sprawled round the ground. I am ´t wait to test all of them on before my husband gets home from work and sees how I invested his hard earned money! I put on the gold strappy sandals laced tightly up for my knees and admire them in the mirror. I hear the door open and recognize he is early – oh no!!! I harbor &severe;t had time to pick up those shoes. He’s angry at me and I refuse purchasing them. I tell him the shoes were a gift from my friend in Italy, but he doesn’t think a word of this! I frantically look for the evidence, but can&severe;t find it. Then he decides to punish me slaps a set of handcuffs on my wrists and shackles my ankles. What are you doing?? I vow I didn&severe;t spend money on these shoes. He needs I pick up the mess and clean the kitchen. It is challenging to perform the work handcuffed and shackled and the cuffs dig into my flesh, but that I honor because I am frightened of him the minute he gets, the perverted and sadistic he’s. He tells me that a German guest Yvette Costeau is coming for dinner and that I get the food prepared. I begin to fear since I am not a good cook. I prepare a salad along with some coffee while we wait patiently for Yvette. She comes in and looks amazed to see me like this. Jim tells her exactly what I did and instead of shooting my side, she immediately stands next to Jim laughing . She has no mercy at all while I wait on them hand and foot churns around in my own cuffs. Since the salad has been served, Jim removes my cuffs and I am quite relieved that this humiliation is over, but rather he immediately cuffs my wrists behind my back along with XXXX me over to the couch. The bastard pushes a ballgag into my mouth and straps on it in tightly. As if that wasn&intense;t sufficient, he adds transparent tape around and around my head. Then he hogcuffs me joining my elbows and wrists using a padlock. The two of them continue XXXX and loving themselves while I am gagged, hogcuffed and humiliated. Leggy Yvette finds this funny and comes around to taunt me. I fight furiously landing on the floor. The German guest starts cursing me to the bad salad. This is not a dinner!!! She places the plate of salad onto the floor next to me and my eyes widen in fear. I visit her hand coming down and she pushes his face to the plate. I sob in gag as she fondles me laughing. Off they go for a nice evening while I am left hog rolling and poking around the floor.

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