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Kandy trains her step-sons one by one. Kandy returns from a day of outings to find Junior 2 locked up on the tramplefloor or in his toilet box. Junior was in the box for all of the night. SheaEUR ™, who has been out shopping, hooked up to a stud. She is happy to tell the boys because she knows that they won’t tell their daddy. It’s now time to go and do her business. She loves the fact that her human toilet is exactly where she left it. Junior loves to eat daddyaEUR ™,s cum and MommyaEUR’s ass. She also enjoys taking her bodily waste. Kandy sits with him and reminds that it is hard being locked up in a cell all night, and that it is not worth the pain. Junior is open to the idea of mommy using him this way and doesn’t complain. He is a great boy. Kandy takes off her stilettos, and she stands over Junior. She lets him look at Kandy’s sex and ass. Junior reveals that he has naughty thoughts of fucking Kandy. Kandy doesn’t seem upset. She likes hearing that her boys are interested in her, but she reminds Junior that he won’t get that. His specialty is being her ass licker or toilet. She now squats down over Junior to let him stick his tongue into her genitals. You are fortunate that you don’t have to be blindfolded. This means you will get to watch everything from mommy. Junior will go in the box with Kandy for the remainder of the day, and whatever he doesn’t miss will dry on his skin. It was so nice to be able smell Kandy for hours. Kandy spits out several wet farts while her tongue is up. It’s like magic that his cock becomes rock-hard. He is not allowed to rub his own skin, but she lets him. The boys get enough release once or twice per year, which is more than the daddy’s 2 to 3 visits per day. Junior keeps licking KandyaEUR ™. Her perfectly puckered cheeks are revealed by her. She tells him she’s been sharing his story with her girlfriends and that they all want to know which boy is the best. She smiles at you, then points out that there are so many people like us. Junior is told to stop licking his lips and open his mouth. Kandy sighs and settles, as she lets go of a whole day of holding it in. It’s a beautiful family Kandy created.

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